Car Repair

Car accident

So, you may or may not have noticed… that it’s getting cold. Kinda goes without saying doesn’t it? As we move through the fall towards winter, the roads are becoming increasingly treacherous. This is evidenced by the department of transport’s national statistics. Poor visibility due to bad weather, black ice, regular ice, snow, sleat, fog, mist, and sun glare are all leading causes for most accidents during the winter  months–despite our best efforts.

Unless you’re in the car repair business… these challenges are bad news. Firstly, no one wants to be in an accident… it’s dangerous and you can easily get injured. Secondly, accidents are expensive–yes, we legally have to have auto insurance… but some don’t. When this happens, it leave unsuspecting people with a big check to settle using their own resources–not entirely fair, but what can you do?

When your car is damaged, it can be such a chore to try and find a car-repair shop that has the skill and experience to do a good job. We’ve all heard horror stories of garages taking someone’s money and doing a bad job. Or worse, saying they’ve repaired your car, only to find that they haven’t. Most choose their garage view word of mouth… but this isn’t always the best way to find your ideal garage.

Some garages specialize: For example, some garages focus on body repair and paint, other just do safety certification checks, others focus on engine repairs, while others specialize in electrics and diagnostics. This is why one needs to be very careful when choosing a garage for their needs. Of course, now some new cars must be taken to a trade garage to avoid voiding the car’s warranty.

When procuring car repairs or maintenance, always be sure to get a quote from the service provider. Don’t stop at one quote, always get more, we recommend at least three. If there is a variance in cost, be sure to find out why. Once you’ve got your quotes, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest or the most expensive. High costs don’t necessarily mean quality, while cheap fees don’t necessarily mean a bargain.

Some of you may think of doing your own car repairs. This is an option and is very doable, pending the work that needs to be completed. Oil changes, filter changes, and bulb replacements are all in the realm of the average person. More complex repairs like brakes, wheels, and related tasks are also possible for enthusiasts. If you have the tools and the know how, there’s nothing to stop you from doing more complex repairs, like welding, panel beating, windscreen replacement, etc. The obvious benefits are a saving on costs as you will be putting in the labor. However, there must be an outlay for tools… which may or may not be cost effective. It depends on your personal situation.

In summary, drive safe, look after your car, use trusted garages but don’t be scared to do the work yourself.